Cloud Computing could be a modern arrangement and operational model in which high level computation administrations and capacity are given by the web. In this venture we investigate a two-layered cloud computing demonstration.

Within the to begin with layer, a league of sub-clouds offers essential framework administrations such as capacity and raw computation; the moment layer offers higher level computational administrations that arrange and oversee program advancement stages, counting tool as a benefit. The extension addresses the challenges in computerising cloud administrations and gives administration for cloud alliance, brokerage of assets , optimisation and execution forecast. It is compulsory to specify that cloud computing brings an endeavour a part of benefit like diminished IT Cost, higher adaptability, ceaseless stream of business form, work versatility which in the long run clears the way to more prominent effectiveness.


What We Offer

We at Alvi assist you with user-friendly and effective cloud arrangements for a shifted run of clients. Our precise handle comes after a legitimate evaluation of your prerequisites, which incorporates an understanding of your organisational setup, the design of trade of data, the application of the existing foundation, and the planned benefits after cloud migration. We have a set of specialties who work on your cloud computing needs and assist you with any of the underneath models that fit best for your business.

Cloud Advisory

Our cloud advisory administration empowers you to recognize reasonable openings to use cloud computing administrations either through an as-is migration to the cloud or through a more modernised cloud native adaptation course in the long run giving maintainable commerce benefits. We offer assistance to clients to create a cloud computing methodology, which incorporates a point-by-point cost benefit examination and a guide for enterprise wide cloud adoption, relocation, and modernization plans. We too offer assistance to characterise the key change of forms, innovations and capabilities to guarantee you determine the total good thing about the cloud.

Cloud Application Development

Cloud app advancements implies building apps that run within the cloud and may use cloud highlights and administrations advertised by cloud computing since 2012, Alvi rapidly and dependably conveys cloud- native and cloud-only apps that proficiently utilise all cloud capabilities.

Cloud Migration and Implementation

It is the process of moving data, applications or other business attributes to the cloud-computing territory.our migration services include creating private clouds, migration to public clouds, SaaS enablement and implementing IaaS/PaaS as well.

Cloud Management Services

With tons of experience in cloud computing and off-shor applications development/management by our side, we offer flexibility and option to manage and maintain your consequential applications on the cloud ecosystem.


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